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Join the Digital Motion of Strategy Management Excellence!

SMOs can digitally bring vision to reality 

Strategy Management Offices (SMOs) and Vision Realization Offices (VROs), regionally and globally, are the core strategic planners and controllers tasked with driving transformational change in their public and private sector organizations in accordance with selected strategy management frameworks. 

To book your spot in the organizational supremacy map, now is the time to digitally transform your strategic vision and performance into a reality that can be seen, shared, tracked and achieved. No more room for manual and semi-digital strategy documents, plans, processes and operations.

Strategy execution software bridges the gap

We are helping SMOs to lead the way by employing a sustainable strategy management solution that adheres to the most widely known and used global standards of strategy and performance excellence such as EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), BSC (Balanced Scorecard) or Hybrid. That is, our own in-house developed product: Strategy360.

EFQM, BSC & Hybrid strategy frameworks

EFQM is an Excellence Model that leaders choose to achieve outstanding levels of performance. Its objective is to primarily be more competitive against pre-set standards and benchmarks. EFQM provides a holistic view of the organization and introduces integrated building blocks to measure performance and achieve results.

BSC is a strategic planning and management system that leaders choose to align business activities in accordance with a set of standard perspectives to primarily achieve pre-set organizational strategic goals.

 As each framework has a specific approach, the vast majority of SMOs and VROs are opting to create their own Hybrid strategy management models that fit their own vision. A Hybrid model is a custom framework that complements what’s missing, overcomes the weaknesses and builds on the strengths of other standard models.  

In the journey towards excellence, SMOs depend also on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that measure and report on progress. What is measured and how it is measured in another major difference between different strategy frameworks.