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Enterprise Digitalization Services
Build strong digital capabilities across the enterprise!

Go beyond old technology solutions to qualify as a future-proof “digital enterprise”. We help you in your journey of business transformation.

Enterprise Integration

Think differently about the structure of your disparate technology solutions, current standards of data and how your are running your internal systems.

We help you to transition from tradition integration mechanisms to digital integration frameworks that provide improved efficiency, increased security, better customer experiences and increased performance.

Our ESB solution delivers end-to-end, simple, and streamed processes that bridge the gaps between your applications, databases, services and systems; and ensure that all functions are working together seamlessly. The ESB focuses on data integration as the single most important pillar in commencing transformation to enable real-time, accurate enterprise visibility.

Our modernization exercise digitally integrates your business and opens it up for more availability, scalability, and reliability.

Business Process Management

The three pillars in any process are people, processes and technology. The digital world has introduced “things” and “objects” as a fourth pillar that plays an integral part in your operations.

With more focus on business process agility, we help you design and implement new and updated processes that weave in all your business stakeholders in streamlined, harmonious flows and respond to the changing market dynamics.

Performance Management

We help enterprises in their quest for digitizing their capabilities with PEP, our Performance Excellence Platform.

PEP is a digital solution for strategy & performance excellence. It simplifies the process of driving organized, sustainable performance measurement and improvement in accordance with two global frameworks: EFQM and BSC.

PEP helps leaders to digitize the process, manage its KPIs and monitor the progress in one integrated scenario that leverages the capabilities of cloud, analytics, mobility, security and collaboration. Built on Microsoft technologies, PEP is web-based, easy-to-use, efficient and bilingual (English/Arabic).

    PEP digitizes the process of strategy articulation, execution and evaluation to comply with the BSC framework. Simply, managers can break down strategy into objectives with targets and KPIs; and automatically cascade all on different organizational units to collaborate and execute accordingly; then update the process with results through smartphones or laptops. PEP captures the data, calculates KPIs and showcases the output in rich, interactive dashboards, visuals and reports in real time; empowering decision makers to monitor what is going on, take immediate actions and update strategy or objectives as needed.
    PEP digitizes the process of performance planning, execution and evaluation; while mapping it to the process of performance benchmarking and qualification for national or international EFQM-based awards. Managers define KPIs that measure the progress of key management practices, initiatives and activities across the organization plus performance assessments of different stakeholders. PEP captures and calculates the KPIS and showcases the output in rich, interactive dashboards, visuals and reports in real time; and links all that to defined criteria for attaining wards; empowering decision makers to identify performance gaps, stimulate change and achieve planned objectives.

Why PEP?

  • True Business Transformation: PEP articulates proven global models for performance excellence into an easy-to use technology solution that helps organizations to automate once manual, unorganized processes. Not only process improvement is expected but also sustainable achievement of goals year over year.
  • Unified Direction: PEP enables involvement and commitment of all stakeholders to a unified vision and strategy. This automatically makes the process of achievement, meeting and exceeding objectives much easier for any leader.
  • Accountability, Transparency & Productivity: PEP helps in inducing positive accountability where every stakeholder knows what and when to do; and how the evaluation will run. Transparency leads to more trust, motivation and productivity at the workplace.
  • Effective Decision Making: Ongoing monitoring of performance in real-time opens a systematic window for instant knowledge of performance issues. Thanks to intelligent dashboards, managers can drill down, know root causes and take decisions on the spot or resort to strategy and objectives update in other milestones.

Our Services
We provide you with end-to-end services to ensure PEP runs with maximum efficiency. It is up to you to select different solution components or mix optional and mandatory services in accordance with your budget and plans.  

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