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Admin Panel

With this software, you can get a superpower administrative module that can provide you an ultimate system of management. In this software, you can create 8 kinds of accounts like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountant, laboratorian, receptionist, representative, case managers by using the admin panel, and also can specify their responsibilities separately. As well as, this software has a separate dashboard for each account. 

Integrate with HMS App

The most important advantage of this system is that you can use this system as an Android application. Moreover, it is a mobile friendly system. So, you can use it through any Android mobile device. Therefore, the patient can appoint the schedule anytime from anywhere easily. So, this application has some following aspects.


Responsive Website

We have arranged a fully responsive SEO optimized dynamic website. This website ensures your online presence & people will be able to make an online appointment through the website.



Doctor Module

A doctor is the most important person to ensure the health condition of any patient. For this purpose, this software has a doctor module. Using this module, doctors can access all important functions that belong to them. As a result, they can maintain patient portals, appointment scheduling & maintaining, prescription making, and any other things that are related to hospital activities.

Accountants Module

Accountants are responsible to control monetary flow, profit-and-loss calculation. Patients are considered the main factor of this software. Moreover, they are the key earning source of this system. So this module allows access to the patient portal. Besides, the Accountant module also has the access account creation option, like debit or credit account based on expense and earning, employee name, and billing. With this software, you can get a complete clinic management system that helps to understand both technical or non-technical people.

Patient Portal

We have created the patient portal of this software for the use of patients and external users. It is one of the most important modules of our software. If a patient or a person creates an account from the website, or appointed receptionist or doctor, then they will get a unique patient ID space in the system. Moreover, using this module, you can store all the information about any patient and also transfer throughout the entire system automatically. So, this software will ensure you complete healthcare management software.

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