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At Space Mac , we provide our clients with latest, end-to-end and customized software development solutions, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging our team of certified, professional technical and business experts.


With more than 15 years of expertise, we have successfully adopted top-notch technologies and best practices, and developed secure and scalable software applications serving a wide range of diverse clients across the Middle East and Gulf, across industries aiming to achieve the optimum user experience. 

With a 300+ strong force of young certified professionals, Space Mac  boasts best of breed team of developers, designers, architects, project managers and quality engineers


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Manage your social networks, engage your audience and measure ROI from your dashboard


Space Mac provides bi-lingual Social Media Management Services through a strong partner network in the field of online and mobile services.


These services can be divided into:


  • Social Media Monitoring: We use state of the art tools to monitor the customer’s brand’s mentions, bilingually across all platforms, delivering uniquely detailed and sophisticated reporting through Insights & Reports, Brand Analysis & Sentiment Analysis.
  • Platform Building & Enhancement: We create tailored communication platforms that take the brand’s fans through a deeply engaging experience by integrating Social or Mobile Apps within the brand’s platforms to reach the engagement level peek using those highly immersive Apps experience. The whole process is Choosing Platforms, Building Platforms &Social Widgets and Embedding.
  • Fan Engagement:  Our team of dedicated and highly trained Engagement Officers takes the responsibility of handling all customers’ routine engagement tasks. Such a service achieves the customer’s digital objectives through understanding consumer critics and trial barriers, key words, sentiment, content management and more.
  • Reputation Management: Our team of social media specialists try to give to customers maximum control possible over their digital reputation—whether it’s information that they want others to see about professional history or info that they don’t want seen through.
  • Content Development & Packaging
    Proper wording and tone of voice make all the difference in getting your message across to your fans. Our team assists in creating the editorial calendar and key messages that will be communicated on each platform, and formatting content to communicate with your fans in their own language.


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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a modern technique to increase visibility of today’s websites using the organic search methods like Google, Yahoo, Bing with a mix between technical and digital marketing strategies to improve both traffic and performance.  


There is more to search engine optimization than just marketing, as companies can derive many business benefits from using SEO.

At Space MAc , we develop our clients’ SEO strategies so that they are found by potential customers who are actively looking for their products or services. This is called a qualified lead because we are attracting people who are already looking for the services of our clients and finding them. That said, if you can benefit from this type of direct marketing you likely can benefit from SEO.



  • Encourage internal communication & collaboration
  • Foster the reuse of intellectual capital
  • Prevent redundant effort
  • Improve efficiency through real-time presence information
  • Enable better decision making through sharing & collaboration
  • Avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Develop Website SEO Strategies
  • Implement website framework that drives the new strategies
  • Apply keywords analysis and implementation
  • Measure your website traffic and ROI


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 Through our partner network of Leading companies in the field of Online Marketing and Digital Advertising across the Middle East, Space Mac provides top-notch marketing and advertising services, including:



–     Exclusive Twitter Ads in Middle East

–     Exclusive Facebook Ads

–     Google Ads

–     Skype Ads

–     YouTube Ads

  • Targeted
  • Segmented
  • Various Campaigns

–     Exclusive Ad Spaces on Leading Websites in the Middle East

  • MSA Arabia
  • Masrawy
  • Many other websites in the Middle East


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Digital Consulting


Optimize your strategies, objectives and business processes through a full-fledged digital roadmap and strategy empowering all your stakeholders and meeting international trends and standards.

Space Mac provides its customers with a business consultancy offering applying different techniques to identify objectives, goals, stakeholders, services and challenges in order to build a tailored software and digital road-map allowing them to achieve optimum results and benefits.

Space Mac Digital Consultancy Pillars:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Technology & Social Media Trends
  • User Interface & Usability
  • Technology Platform
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Methodology of Consultancy Service comprises of:

  • Envisioning Phase: that works through scrutinizing different input and knowledge gathered through workshops, interviews, questionnaires and surveys to identify the organization’s strategies, objectives, goals, services, stakeholders, business processes and KPIs allowing our business consultants to have a full picture of the organization that they can build their consultancy on. This full picture is documented in an Envisioning Document.
  • Assessment Phase: in this phase, the digital gap between the organization and its competitors or peers is identified by assessing the organization’s current digital and online standing, bench-marking national, regional and international peers and studying international trends, standards and best practices. This phase results in an Assessment Document covering several pillars, like functionality analysis, usability analysis, content analysis, channels analysis, audience analysis, technology analysis, social media analysis and/or current business processes.
  • Recommendations Phase: having the documents and knowledge assets produced from previous stages, the final phase is to generate a Recommendations Document covering the recommended online strategy and digital road-map featuring all the assessed pillars and/or recommendations for business processes re-engineering.



HR Fingerprint System


Smart Teacher System


Hotel Management System (ezee)


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