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06 July 2016
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Increase productivity and improve customer service within your organization, with our powerful real estate specific solutions


The “Master Relationship Management” Solution for all your business needs!

Dynamics CRM for Real Estate is a specialized solution that helps commercial (office, retail and industrial) real estate companies manage assets, properties,  leases, tenants, vendors and prospects in marketing, service, sales and support functions. CRM for Real Estate offers the most dramatic benefits & through our experience and insight, we have continued to drive our Real Estate solution to meet tougher and more complex Real Estate business demands.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Real Estate, Space Mac provides a powerful sales, marketing, and customer service tool. Built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, we deeply extended the software’s functionality to provide one-stop-shop CRM solutions to the Real Estate industry. Our CRM Real Estate software offers the maximum benefits for companies operating multiple property sites. Through our experience and insight, we have continued to drive our Real Estate solutions to meet tougher and more complex business demands.


  •  Customer Tenant Management
    • Complete Customer Tenant Profiling.
    • Customer Tenant 360° View.
    • Manage Communications & Track Customer Activities. 
  • Flexible Real Estate Structure
    • As per your business needs, maintain real estate hierarchy from zones, areas, projects, phases, lands , building, floors & units. 
  • Real Estate Management
    • Comprehensive Property Portfolio.
    • Property Management.
    • Manage Property Compartments.
    • Keep Layout Design per each Property.
    • Manage Property Fixtures & Fittings.
    • Flexible Pricing Model & Track Pricing History.
    • Property Search and Preference Lists.  
  • Contacting & Installments Management
    • Leasing & Selling Contacts Management.
    • Record key dates and details related to each sale or lease.
    • Create New Contracts & Renew Expired Ones.
    • Manage Payment Terms & Intervals.
    • Manage Payment Installments & Due Dates.
    • Set Automatic Reminders.
    • Apply Payment for Security Deposit and Monthly Extra Fees.
    • Print Contracts, Invoices and Fulfillments. 
  • Sales Management
    • Sales Process Automation.
    • Lead Capture, Qualification and Lead Nurturing.
    • Manage Sales Opportunities.
    • Track Sales Pipeline.
    • Track Sales Activities.
    • Manage and Track Goals & Sales Targets.
    • Forecast Future Sales Performance.
    • Sales Literatures.  
  • Marketing Management
    • Marketing List Management & Customer Segmentation.
    • Campaign Planning and Execution.
    • Track Campaign Costs & Campaign ROI.
    • Branded HTML Email Templates
    • Bulk Email and SMS Sending.
    • Track and Monitor Campaign Responses.
    • Quick Campaigns.
    • Identify Sales Trends.
    • Build Customer Loyalty. 
  • Customer Service & Facilities Management
    • Service Request Management.
    • Service Scheduling.
    • Service Contract Management.
    • Manage SLA and Apply Escalation Rules.
    • Queue Management.
    • Activity Management.
    • Routing and Assignment Workflows.
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
    • Personalized Communications. 


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